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What Is the Expelled
Origins Debate?


“In today’s world, at least in America, an Einstein or a Newton or a Galileo would probably not be allowed to receive grants to study or to publish his research.”  — Ben Stein

Ben Stein (photo by Robert Gallagher for Forbes)

Ben Stein (photo by Robert Gallagher for Forbes)

Despite the fact that most Americans believe that God created life (see inset 1), the only “origin of life” theory taught in the majority of American schools is Neo-Darwinism, which at its core holds that a random undirected process has led from non-life to all we see in the living world. Recent scientific discoveries have raised serious questions about the theory of Darwinian evolution, while at the same time giving birth to a scientific theory called intelligent design. [1]

78% of Americans Believe that God Created or Guided the Creation of Human Beings“Which one of the following statements comes closest to your views about the origin and development of human beings?”

      • God Created Humans in Present Form – 48%
      • God Guided the Evolutionary Process – 30%
      • God Had No Part – 13%
      • Other/Unsure – 9%

Newsweek Poll conducted by Princeton SurveyResearch Associates International. March 28-29, 2007.

Despite the compelling modern science in support of Intelligent Design, and despite the fact that most Americans want the evidence both for and against Darwin’s theory taught in schools (see inset 2), any questioning of Darwinism is systematically suppressed in nearly all academic and scientific communities.

69% of Americans Want Evidence for and Against Darwin’s Theory Taught in Schools“Which of the following two statements comes closest to your own opinion?”

    • Biology teachers should teach only Darwin’s theory of evolution and the scientific evidence that supports it.  – 21%
    • Biology teachers should teach Darwin’s theory of evolution, but also the scientific evidence against it.  – 69%
    • Neither/Not Sure  – 10%

Poll conducted Feb. 27 – March 2, 2006 by Zogby International. N=1,004 likely voters nationwide

This suppression of new scientific ideas – particularly those that pertain to the origins of life – presents today’s students with a one-sided argument in the court of public opinion. It’s as if students make up a jury being shown evidence for only one side of the case. All evidence from the opposing side is being thrown out of court, not by the jury or even the judge, but by the side presenting the contrary argument.

Ben Stein at Darwin's Statue

Ben Stein at Darwin’s Statue

It’s suppression at its worst, and the implications reach far beyond the classroom. “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is a documentary that seeks to expose this suppression and give today’s students a glimpse into the amazing discoveries that modern science is revealing. In this Thinker Education course experience, you’ll be introduced to the facts being hidden from most students today.

[1] The introduction is from the “Expelled Leader’s Guide”

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