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The Subtle Tyranny Of The ‘Expert’ Class

By Lewis M. Andrews | Three recent developments have raised the issue of whether social media should be able to censor opinions that differ from expert opinion. The first involves YouTube’s decision to take down a widely circulated video by the co-owners of a Bakersfield, California, “Urgent Care” clinic, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massahi. Their presentation, based… 

Pandemics And Our Love For Post-Apocalyptic Drama

By Bradley J. Birzer | Better to go out with a bang than a wimper? Dating back to the roots of Christianity we have always been obsessed with ‘The End.’ In the year 793, Catholic monks made the following report, all of it disturbing. “In this dire year portents appeared over Northumbria and sorely frightened the people. They consisted of immense whirlwinds… 

Is This the End of Campus Education? 

By Glenn Moots| Prompted by student petitions, government orders, and recommendations of epidemiologists, America launched its largest-ever simultaneous educational experiment in March: it took K–12 and postsecondary education online. Though many hoped the “virtual” semester would be a one-off, round two may be on the horizon. Boston University was… 

Are Boys and Girls Brains Really Different?

By Annie Holmquist | A few years ago, my church nursery had an influx of little boys, all born within a few months of each other. Nursery duty in the weeks before that cadre outgrew it was, well… energetic. Everything was visibly quieter when they left. The possibility of some baby suffering a concussion via a toddler wrestling match was replaced with… 

Tinned Fruit in Times of Famine

By Deanna Briody | But my lack of social media troubled her to an extent that troubled me. I was used to people being surprised over my choices surrounding technology. I was in my mid-twenties and had no presence on social media. I could navigate my laptop and phone adequately, but when it came to the minute up-to-datedness which a constantly reloading newsfeed… 

How Far Are You Willing to Walk?

By Jason Aubry and Nexstar Media Wire | For five years, Lashawn Samuel walked three miles round trip from his home to a local library to get help with his homework, and it has paid off.  The Columbus City Schools student says this spring, he was accepted to 12 colleges and universities, and several of them offered a full scholarship, including his No. 1 choice Ohio State University. He will be…

What Was the Founding Father’s Mindset?

By Bradley J. Birzer| Imagine an academic world in which historians treated the American Founders not as greedy slaveholders or grasping aristocrats, but as deeply moral agents, endowed with free will. Bradley Thompson’s latest work, America’s Revolutionary Mind, does exactly this. It bleeds ideas as well as enthusiasm. Indeed, a proper review of this work would…

Why Perfection Continues to Evade Society

By Annie Holmquist | Just a few weeks ago I was surprised to see a headline indicating American confidence had increased over the past few years.  How quickly things change. As a friend recently told me, when everything looks good and optimism is up, that’s a sure sign everything is about to tank. Recently, all the headlines showcase stories of gloom and doom….

The Cure for What Ails Us

By L.S. Dugdale| A National Hospice Foundation survey some years ago found that Americans are more inclined to discuss safe sex and drugs with their children than they are to talk with their terminally ill parents about preparing for death. Although this may sound reasonable—unsafe sex and illicit drugs pose a threat more immediate than death—the consequences of avoiding… 

Those Who Lived to See Such Times

By The Wade Center Blog | The world is currently experiencing a unique and unsettling time with the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). […most businesses have closures or limited services, cultural and social centers such as libraries and museums…are closed to the public, large public events have been cancelled, [etc.]…. This isolation is hard, and it has made many fearful. However, our current circumstances are very reminiscent of what five of the seven Wade authors…