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Is Failure Necessary for Success?  

By David Noonan | The recipe for succeeding in any given field is hardly a mystery: good ideas, hard work, discipline, imagination, perseverance and maybe a little luck. Oh, and let’s not forget failure, which Dashun Wang and his colleagues at Northwestern University call “the essential prerequisite for success” in a new… 

Reproductive Technologies and Human Dignity

By Melissa Moschella | Given the risks of assisted reproductive technologies and gene-editing technologies for both individuals and society as a whole, a hands-off, libertarian approach to these issues is ethically irresponsible. Because these technologies imply a radical transformation in our understanding of the meaning of parenthood and…

How We Colored Our Public Squares Red

By Anthony Esolen | Reports tell us that church attendance among Americans is falling. I am acquainted with secular professors who apparently have learned nothing from the experiences of atheistic social experiments in the last century. Social experiments, I say, and not societies, because such monstrosities as Soviet Russia… 

Human Embryos are Human Beings

By Patrick Lee | In Human Embryos, Human Beings, A Scientific and Philosophical Approach philosopher Samuel Condic and Neurobiologist Maureen Condic advance a careful and detailed case for the proposition that a human being comes to be at fertilization, and refute the main arguments to the contrary. Along the way they clarify the concepts of… 

What Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Get About Norman Rockwell

By Jason Morgan | During a layover on a recent trip, I was browsing the paperbacks and magazines at one of the outlandishly overpriced bodegas that one finds in any airport in America nowadays. Apart from the usual glut of faux-angsty pulp novels and historical romances, I noticed no fewer than three books that used the F-word—in the title. It seems we really have arrived… 

A Shifting Border Policy

By Sophia Lee | In February 2018, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) quietly changed its mission statement, removing a description of the United States as “a nation of immigrants.” The change reflected a shift in our government’s philosophy regarding immigration from one of welcoming strangers…