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Why the Constitution
is Important?


Is the Constitution out of date?  Is the supreme law of our land a document that no longer addresses the pertinent issues of our time?  Is the Constitution a living-and-breathing document?  This is a timely question for a timeless idea: how can man be governed by written law?  Many believe our 200 plus year old Constitution no longer fits our modern nation.  There are two competing sides of this debate – the Constitutionalists and Progressives.  The Constitutionalists believe in the timelessness of the Constitution and seek to continue to uphold its original meaning and intent.  Then there are the Progressives who believe the Constitution is an antiquated document that must constantly “evolve” to meet the whims of the times.  Mark Levin explains the wisdom and importance of conserving the Constitution and the dangers that come with “legislating from the bench.”

The Presenter

Lawyer, author, talk show host, and constitutional devotee, Mark Levin presents the implications of each group’s ideas in the political marketplace.  In this course he outlines for us what is at stake and how the Constitution, the Courts, and Federalism work together to preserve our freedoms.  Consider an under-represented point of view, as presented by the inimitable Mr. Levin.

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