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Was America Established
As a Christian Nation?

Continuing the Conversation

At the heart of this debate is the relationship between religion and politics.  Many try to avoid discussions of religious views when talking about public policy and governance, but is that an appropriate division for questions that include moral conduct?  The following short video from The Brookings Institute makes this point.

This debate is connected to several other large questions.  One way to continue this important discussion is to explore our main question – “Is America a Christian Nation?” – with your peers and professors.  Another is to consider these other important “big ideas.”

  • Should religion inform politics, and if so, how?
  • Is pluralism possible in modern politics?
  • Does religion tend to divide or unify a nation?
  • Are morality, ethics, and justice possible without some religious framework?
  • If not Christianity, then from where do the principles of our nation come?
  • Does real truth exist, religiously speaking, or do all spiritual paths lead to the same place?  Defend your view, or do you really need to?

The list could go on.  One of the crying needs of modern discourse is to kindly but boldly continue the long human discussion regarding religion, spirituality, and faith.  Modern man finds it difficult, because many reject the existence of any knowable truth or any reality outside of the material world.  But much of what makes us human is our desire to know and discuss that which is beyond the material.  Continue this discussion by allowing yourself and others to consider all sides of this debate.