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A new online business course, Flourishing Through Business 101, was launched May 22nd to teach and encourage the essentials for success in business and flourishing in the community in a way that colleges and business schools do not.

The first of many courses to come, Flourishing Through Business 101 teaches essentials for success in business, and how business relates to human flourishing in communities.  Free Think University is excited to be the platform for this series of courses, working with other organizations including Acton Institute, Center for Christian Business Ethics, City Action Coalition International, The Colson Center, Discovery Institute, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Pinnacle Forum, and United in Purpose.

“The collapse of higher education, due to exploding cost and less value delivered, is already under way,” says Chuck Stetson, a venture capitalist in New York. “As a venture capitalist, I can see it clearly. Fortunately, there is a solution and it includes inviting everyone into the conversation – left, right and center.”

“Blended learning,” Stetson continues, “will reduce the cost of education, and it is coming fast.  We are working with several colleges on a for‐credit version of it. Since this material is not being taught in schools, colleges or business schools, this course is uniquely important.”

“By offering this course through Free Think University, the opportunity to earn scholarship money while gaining content not being offered in most traditional colleges is a powerful incentive,” notes Jim Van Eerden, Co-Founder and Dean of Free Think University.  “We are excited to offer this series to students all across the country.”

More information can be found on or at Free Think University’s online campus at