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Activism alone is dangerous. Education alone is feeble.  Whether you are a liberal or a conservative (or something else), here’s an opportunity to understand an increasingly under-represented point of view on America’s college campuses.

Conservatism 101, a rigorous examination of the American conservative intellectual tradition, is now offered online for no cost by the Leadership Institute through Free Think University®.

Free Think University will host Conservatism 101 courses on their website with a new segment posted each week.  The fourteen segments are each two-hour, multi-media experiences featuring a 45-minute lecture from one of fourteen different conservative leaders, as well as supplemental reading materials.

The lectures focus on the big questions of the conservatism movement – its origins and history, its driving principles, its successes and failings . . . and its future.

In addition, after each session, students are invited to complete an assessment.  Upon successful completion, students earn Free Think University scholarship points.  These points can be redeemed in frequently announced competitions for cash scholarships that help students pay for their higher education costs and other life learning experiences.

Starting today, the Leadership Institute and Free Think University will roll out a new course in the Conservatism 101 series each week.  Click here to check out the first session right now.

In the lectures, you’ll hear from some of the conservative movement’s most influential voices, including Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), best-selling author and radio host Mark Levin, Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore, Becky Norton Dunlop from Heritage Foundation, and many more.  Click here to check out the full lineup of speakers.

Free Think University is grateful to be announcing partnerships for original course content like the Conservatism 101 series, in addition to a library of nearly 50 courses in the same format, dealing with other questions relating to The Great Conversation submitted by one of the more than 30,000 students now registered.

No matter your political leanings, we think this is an important contribution to a more civil dialogue about politics and the American experience.  Let us know what ideas you have for upcoming courses and course series like this one by sending an email to

All the best,

Your Friends at Free Think University