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Free Think University is pleased to announce another university-specific Free Think U Scholarship Fund.  Each of these university-specific scholarships highlights a new way for alums to aid their alma maters.  Through a Free Think U Scholarship Fund, alums are targeting their support of their alma mater to and through students who have demonstrated a commitment to critical thinking about The Big Questions that are shaping our culture – and our college campuses.

These students demonstrate a willingness to swim against the current of prevailing opinion, and collaborate with their peers to find common ground.

Free Think U donor Charles Stetson, a Yale graduate, has pledged $20,000 to a Free think U Scholarship Fund which will be awarded to Yale University students.  The top ten 2013 scholarship winners will receive $2,000 each, based on which Yale students accumulate the most Impact Points by August 1, 2013.  All eligible students must complete the Free Think U course entitled How Do Communities Flourish? (due to be released in May, 2013) as well as other courses of the students’ choosing.  Students also earn Impact Points by using social media to spread the word about the courses that they complete, and by taking other actions that show their commitment to meaningful engagement in the public square.

Stetson, a partner in a private equity fund in New York City, believes that too few graduates these days have the critical thinking ability, character and vision required to contribute as much as they can in the marketplace. “I think it’s time that we find creative ways, like Free Think U, to reward students who are willing to engage in The Great Conversation and re-commit themselves to the ideals that have made this country what it is in the world,” Stetson said.

Stetson believes that now, more than ever, is the time to commit to this kind of an undertaking.  “Let’s create a conversation about really important topics, like why some communities flourish and others don’t, and see if that can help students as well as the institutions that we love.  I think this is a great way for me to help Yale University, my alma mater, to be better.  It is a smart way to make my donation work toward a better Yale.”

For more information on Free Think University’s college scholarship programs, contact or sign up for Free Think U’s regular updates at