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By Prof Jack Lewis | Free Think U Foundation is proud to announce another of its recent scholarship winners, Brittney Deoliveira, who is enrolled at Florida State University.  Brittney was awarded a grant toward her college tuition costs in part because of her course editing work for Free Think University.

Brittney joined in at Free Think University because of its objective to promote critical thinking. “We need to understand why we believe the way we believe and be able to articulate it. The ignorance among the young adults is tragic. As free-minded individuals, we need to be able to understand both sides of an issue and think for ourselves. Free Think U creates space for this type of education.”

Brittney, 21, is a home-educated daughter of two Brazilian immigrants. As a first generation college student, Brittney has earned her AA degree from Florida Atlantic University, where she began her undergraduate degree, before transferring to Florida State University to continue her studies in biological science and international affairs with a concentration in political science. She is planning to pursue law school.

Many experiences have created in Brittney a deep love for America. In high school, she competed in regional and national speech and debate tournaments and began speaking at Republican Club meetings, Tea Party events, campus events, and at the Florida and National Right to Life oratory competitions.

In Washington, D.C., she interned for the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship and for former Congressman and Lt. Col. Allen West (R-FL). Before the 2012 elections, Brittney interned at the local Romney regional campaign office. She is an alumnus of Patriot Academy. For the last 18 months she has been working as an intern for Women Impacting the Nation, a project of Liberty Counsel.

“As a part of our student editor corps, Brittney has been one of our top contributors,” said Jim Van Eerden, Free Think University co-founder.  “She is exceptionally articulate and thoughtful, and will make an great impact in the world for good. Her love of her country is contagious.”

“We’re identifying and rewarding students who represent the next generation of leadership in America, and Brittney Deoliveira will be a leader like the other students helping to shape and lead this movement,” Van Eerden said.